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Falcon Squad is a super fun shoot 'em up that's strongly inspired by titles like Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony' and 'Sine Mora.' Falcon Squad takes the basic gameplay of any shoot 'em up and combines it with excellent graphics that use the best pixel art. Just like in most games of this type, the story in Falcon Squad is completely left in the background, with it basically being an excuse to put the constant shooting throughout the more than 50 levels into context. In this case, you're the leader of the Falcon Squad, the only hope left on earth to stop a violent invasion of space insects. With your ship as your only help, you have to enter into the depths of space, collecting power ups that will improve your speed and fire power, and coins that you can invest in buying new ships or improving the ones you already have. If your ship is destroyed in combat, all your improvements that you've earned up until that point will also disappear, making the rest of the level much more difficult. Falcon Squad is a fun and fluid game that's perfect for even the most demanding players and that also offers a good challenge for regular players of the genre.