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Hollywood Rush is a 3D 'endless runner' where players control a budding young Hollywood star that has to flee spying paparazzi. And what's better way than to run full speed ahead manoeuvring wildly in order to try to dodge all kinds of obstacles that'll cross your path? System controls in Hollywood Rush are common within this gaming genre: swipe from left to right in order to move your character on different roads, and swipe up and down in order to jump and roll on the ground. That way, you'll be able to dodge all the obstacles that are sure to get in your way: paparazzi, buses, speed bumps, and loads of other dangers. Even though system controllers in Hollywood Rush are identical to most other 'endless runner's the truth is that the main mode isn't exactly 'endless.' The game is divided into over 50 different levels, where you'll need to complete objectives in order to level up. Hollywood Rush is the kind of fun-packed game that'll remind you of most other 'endless runner's as its plot isn't especially original, but it has decent graphics and overall offers up an entertaining experience. As you play and gain more coins, you'll also get to unlock tons of other suits to customize your main characters.

Android 4.1 or higher required