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Knife Hit is an arcade game where you throw knives at a spinning surface, trying to avoid hitting the knives that are already stuck there. When you first start playing, you'll throw the knives at a piece of wood, but as you get more points, you'll throw knives at many other surfaces, too. Gameplay in Knife Hit is super simple: you can throw your knife straight ahead by tapping on the screen. If you hit the spinning surface, you can keep throwing knives. But if you hit one of the knives that's already there, the game will end. Every few levels, you'll have to play a 'boss fight,' where you throw knives at some really crazy surfaces. In these levels, you'll have to throw knives at giant tomatoes, pieces of sushi, shields, etc. These levels tend to give you extra points which you can then use to unlock additional knives. Knife Hit is another excellent Ketchapp game with a simple, fun, and addictive gameplay. As with all apps from Ketchapp, the game has beautiful graphics and an online leaderboard so you can compare your score with other players.

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Requires Android 4.1 or higher