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Stack Ball is a challenging arcade game based on reflexes and precision. It looks a lot like the popular game Helix Jump, but its gameplay transforms it into a totally new game that's just as much fun. The premise of Stack Ball is very simple: you have to try to get the ball to the bottom of a tower made of constantly moving pieces. To help the ball on its way, all you can do is tap on the screen to break the pieces, but you have to be careful not to tap on the black areas or the game will end immediately. If you break a ton of pieces in a row, a fever mode starts, during which you can pass through black areas without any penalties. Although the first levels of Stack Ball are pretty simple, as you advance through the more than 100 different scenarios, additional gameplay is introduced, making the game much more complex and challenging as it tests the reflexes of even the best players. Thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay, the games are short and fast-paced. Destroying the tower pieces is incredibly satisfying, making Stack Ball a great game to play whenever you have extra time to kill.