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Gin Rummy Offline is a fun card game that offers players a faster-paced and more dynamic version of the classic card game Rummy. Just like its name implies, Gin Rummy Offline doesn't require an internet connection to play solo. Instead, you'll go toe-to-toe against an advanced AI-controlled player in rounds that last no more than five minutes. This makes this the perfect game for any downtime you may have in waiting rooms. The gameplay in Gin Rummy Offline is simple: the goal is to try to get the most points possible by combining three or four of a kind, or by creating a sequence of three or more cards of the same suit. Each card has its own value: the Jack, Queen, and King give you 10 points, the Aces give you 11, and the rest are worth the number value on the card. When it comes to creating a sequence, the Aces can be used to start (Ace, 2, 3) or end the sequence (Jack, Queen, King, Ace). At the beginning of each game, 10 cards are dealt to each player and one is turned face up on the table, which will become the discard pile. When it's your turn, you have to choose if you want to pick up the upturned card or pick one from the pile of face-down cards. Then, you have to discard one of your cards and place it face-up on the discard pile, so you always have exactly 10 cards in your hand. Despite being a card game and all the limitations that that may imply, the graphics in Gin Rummy Offline are actually pretty good. The animations when it comes to stealing or discarding are so fluid that it really makes it a great game experience for anyone who loves a good card game.