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MARVEL Battle Lines is a dueling card game where you face off against both online real-life and AI opponents. Obviously you'll get to create your own tailored deck with any of the MARVEL characters you're most into: Iron-Man, Thor, Venom, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Loki, Thanos and much more. Gameplay in MARVEL Battle Lines is relatively easy (despite what its tutorial would have you believing). Duels take place on a 3x4 gridlock. In each space you'll lay down one of your cards to set up a strategic pattern in order to vanquish your enemy. In MARVEL Battle Lines you face off in campaign mode where you follow along on the whole MARVEL adventure starring none other than yourself as you team up with Shield. That said, you'll have to face off against other online players in PvP duels that are non-stop action. MARVEL Battle Lines is an exciting card-dueling game that brings you all the epic graphics you've come to love about MARVEL games, plus straightforward gameplay that's easy to learn but hard to beat and a whopping 100 different cards to collect. All in all this game is outstanding, and sure to please any MARVEL fans out there.

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Android 4.1 or higher required.