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Pokémon TCG Card Dex is the official app for the Pokemon collectible card game. Now you can manage your entire collection of cards in a comfortable, easy way. Just take a quick look at each of the illustrations and check out all the stats for each of your Pokemon to build a solid line-up. Thanks to Pokémon TCG Card Dex you can scan all of your physical trading cards and add them into your virtual collection. Doing so is as easy as focusing your cards using your smartphone camera. In just a quick few seconds you'll get a full collection of cards that's perfectly cataloged and organized. Another interesting feature in Pokémon TCG Card Dex is that you'll get a full log of exactly which cards you're missing and which ones you need for your collection. That way, if you're in doubt about any of the cards in your collection, all you have to do is run a quick search within the app to find out exactly which ones you're missing. Pokémon TCG Card Dex is a great official app that was designed exclusively for regular players and Pokemon card collectors.

Android 5.2 or higher required.