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Thrones: Kingdom of Elves is a game that's inspired by the amazing Reigns and is practically identical to Thrones: Reigns of Humans. This time, you're in charge of Concordia, a kingdom populated by humans, elves and dwarfs. Your job is to try to maintain the balance between the power and these three groups. Gameplay in Thrones: Kingdom of Elves is identical to the one in Reigns. In other words, the game will give you a card with a specific difficult situation and you have to answer by sliding towards the left or the right. Depending on that decision, you'll appease or anger one or more groups. Just like in Reigns, the more you play and the longer you rule the throne, the more cards and situations you can unlock. So, even if you only see a handful of characters during your first rounds, little by little you can add dozens of complex situations to your deck of cards. Thrones: Kingdom of Elves is a super entertaining game that is quite obviously inspired by Reigns, but it does introduce some changes such as a lower number of groups (from four to three). The minimalistic visuals are also great.

Android 4.1 or greater is required.