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Angry Birds Stella POP is very similar to the classic game Puzzle Bobble. In it, you have to launch bright bubbles at other bubbles to pop them and throw off the green pigs. Gameplay in Angry Birds Stella POP is practically identical to the aforementioned Puzzle Bobble and all its clones (which are not few). To play, you aim colored bubbles from the bottom of the screen and try to put together at least three like-colored bubbles to make them explode. In terms of novelties to the gameplay in Angry Birds Stella POP, you can also do special moves if you do a chain of several explosions, as well as make the bubbles bounce when they fall. As in almost every game from Rovio, Angry Birds Stella POP has dozens of levels for you to play. In some you'll have to shoot the pigs that are on the bubbles, and in others you simply have to pop all of them. Angry Birds Stella POP is a good Puzzle Bobble clone. Despite the fact that it doesn't offer anything innovative, it does boast great graphics and an overall polished feel – what we've come to expect from all titles from Rovio.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher