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Barbie Fashion Closet is a game where you can dress up, makeup and do up your Barbie's hairstyles from your smartphone. Once you finish creating your 'look' for your Barbie, you can take a quick snapshot and save it in your album. When you start playing Barbie Fashion Closet, you'll find there are a ton of different hairstyles, cosmetics, blouses, dresses, shoes, pants and much more for you to choose from. But, you won't start out with all of Barbies outfits available to you at one time. Instead, each day you play, you pick up more clothes and additional content. That way starting out you'll 'only' get three characters and half a dozen dresses, but the longer you play the more characters and content you'll unlock. Barbie Fashion Closet is a fun casual game for you to play without having to compete for a win or anything like that. Here your main objective is simply to create beautiful outfits for your barbies and have some fun playing dress up just like you would with a dollhouse or with paper dolls.

Android 4.1 or higher required.