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Dragon Mania Legends is a casual game where you create an island of dragons, constructing housing for all its creatures, buildings that provide food or cultivate their friendships – in short, all the necessary structures to have the biggest dragon colony. You need a special habitat for each type of dragon. Fire dragons, for example, are developed in different habitats from air dragons. To level them up, you'll have to feed them with the food your own island produces, and to create new species of dragons, you'll have to combine them with each other. When your dragons have reached the appropriate level, you can start fighting them. The combat happens in turns: first your dragons will attack and then the enemy's. If, when attacking, you manage to tap the screen at just the right moment, you'll inflict greater damage on your enemies and can utilize a special attack. Dragon Mania Legends is a highly entertaining casual dragon game with excellent graphics (as is characteristic of the Gameloft brand) and an enormous amount of content in the form of missions and dragons.

Requieres Android 4.0 or higher