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Kingdoms and Lords is a real-time strategy and management game where the player will have to transform his little rural village into an empire of war to be able to fight against the fearsome threat presented by the return of the Dark Lord. So, Kingdoms and Lords combines the traditional gameplay of social management games with a very refreshing approach to classic strategy. Very soon you will be creating buildings so your farmers can live and you can construct soldiers, just like leading armies in battle to confront the enemies of the kingdom. Like in all the good strategy games, in Kingdoms and Lords you will have to improve your buildings and units, unlock new ones in more advanced missions and in short, progress little by little to become the leader your village needs. Kingdoms and Lords is a strategy and management game with a simple gameplay and a very appealing visual part. In addition, the controls are perfectly adapted to touchscreen devices so that you can carry out all the actions with only one finger.