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Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village

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Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village is a fun management game where you have to put together a plantation of terrifying creatures, who you have to take care of and feed using the food that you grow yourself. Have a frightfully good time harvesting and playing with tons of your own vegetables and animals on Halloween night. In this adventure, you have limited space on your farm where you'll have to plant all the resources you need to get started. You'll start out the game with just a few elements: some giant fearsome crows, and magic mushrooms that you have to gather each time you need them. Follow the advice from the witch to grow the best farm and always find the best food and products to create all sorts of recipes. Feed your monsters and raise real beasts to get the most out of them and continue expanding your farm. In Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village you'll find all sorts of characters that will give you a hand: vampires, zombies, ghosts, giant spiders, and so on ... dozens of neighbors who you can create custom costumes for to create the spookiest Halloween party ever. Enjoy your own farm of horrors with a great number of elements and manage your resources to collect all sorts of elements that let you enjoy the adventure to the max. Each product requires a certain amount of time to be produced, so you'll need to have patience and think about your next crops if you want to earn a fortune from your vegetables and fantasy animals