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Moy 6 the Virtual Pet Game

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Moy 6 the Virtual Pet Game is the sixth installment in the Moy franchise. It basically offers you a practically identical game experience as the previous titles, but with a few interesting new features. You'll find more minigames, more food, and more interaction options with your virtual pet. You can enjoy over a dozen different minigames with your purple pet, who you can give whatever name you want (as usual). As you play and complete different challenges with Moy, you can get hundreds of elements to customize his look, like shirts, dresses, hats, accessories, and eyes. In addition to playing with your little Moy, you can also take care of his hygiene and dietary needs. If you don't keep him clean, he'll be sad, and if he's too hungry, he'll get mad at you. That's why you need to keep up with taking care of all his needs. Not only do you get to customize the way your pet looks in Moy 6 the Virtual Pet Game, you can also do the same with his room and house. You can buy dozens of different furnishings: beds, carpets, fridges, windows, curtains, and so much more. Moy 6 the Virtual Pet Game is an entertaining sequel that introduces a few interesting new activities, but in general, doesn't offer anything essential that you can't find in previous versions of the game. Regardless, fans of the genre are sure to love it.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher