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Create your own manga character with Unnie Doll, an Android app with more then a thousand different items -from eyes to accessories- that you can use to create a completely unique anime character. It's the perfect app for anime fans, or anyone who enjoys creating characters! With Unnie Doll, you can create all the anime characters you want. There's loads of content to experiment with, and infinite amount of combinations to create. This means each and every character will be totally unique, and look just as you imagined! Personalize every last detail of your characters in Unnie Doll: their skin tone, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, blush, hair, outfit, accessories, and more! Each section has a huge variety of items and dozens of options. You could create everything from an rose-cheeked angel, complete with wings, to a bat-winged vampire with one eye red and one blue and a sullen expression. Once you've brought your unique character to life, you can create an entire scene by choosing a background and adding colorful stickers, snacks, and text. And, if you create more than one character, you can add them all to the same scene! Once you've finished your anime work of art, you can share it with friends or family right from the Unnie Doll app, or save it to use as a wallpaper or as a profile picture in any of your social media accounts.