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Block City Wars is a 3D action game with a style similar to GTAV. In this game, you can explore an enormous city as much as you want or compete against other players in its multiple online game modes. In the settings, you can customize your character's controls and even choose between first- and third-person. By default, you'll have a virtual joystick on the left of the screen and action buttons on the right. When you get in a vehicle, you can steer on the left and use the accelerator and brake pedals on the right. One of the strengths of Block City Wars is the sheer number of ways to play. You can move freely around the city, accept missions, fight against rival gangs, steal cars, or do whatever else you want. But you can also play a few different online modes, like the classic team death match, tank racing, zombie mode, or free for all. Each mode, of course, has its own special rules. Block City Wars is an action game chock full of content. You can drive more than 50 vehicles, fire more than 100 weapons, and enjoy more than 10 different game modes. What are you waiting for?

Requires Android 4.1 or higher