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Pixel Box - Color by Number & Art Pages

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Pixel Box - Color by Number & Art Pages is a sketchbook for all ages with which you can add color to all sorts of illustrations by coloring in the small spaces that they're divided into. If you like coloring and you're looking for coloring books to entertain yourself with, this version should provide hours of fun with all sorts of elements. The first window in Pixel Box - Color by Number & Art Pages shows a long list of options to color in. Swipe your finger downward to discover all the possibilities and pick what you like best by tapping it. In certain cases you'll find shapes with a small red icon to indicate that you have to view a video first to be able to color it in. Once you're inside your favorite drawing you've got to add color to it and to do so guide yourself through the range of colors you'll find at the bottom of the screen and the numbers assigned to each hue. The illustration, in turn, is divided into small pixels that you have to fill in based on each number – tap the color you want to apply and look for the areas to apply it or just focus on one area and select the colors one by one. To make everything simpler, every time you select a color Pixel Box - Color by Number & Art Pages highlights all the boxes you can apply it to, so you'll never get lost in the coloring process or end up confused about what sections you have left to fill in. Once you finish your picture you can share it with your friends and enjoy the final result anytime you want.