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Arm Workout is the perfect app for people who want to turn their spaghetti arms into proper beams of steel and muscle. With Arm Workout you can create your own gym at home and start an exercise routine that's specific to you. The way Arm Workout works is very simple: open the app and indicate whether you're male or female. That done, set the exercise intensity level based on what kind of shape you're in at the moment. Once you've set these preliminary configurations you can start with your exercise plan: you've got a daily exercise plan that gets ticked off as you carry it out. These exercises are quite varied and come accompanied by a video so you know how to do them properly, as well as a timer showing how long you have left before the session ends. There are daily alarms that remind you it's time to work out. You'll also get two tips every day to improve your performance. Arm Workout is an app to exercise your arms in the most complete way possible. Plus the pretty, minimalist design helps you stay even more motivated.

Requires Android 4.2 and later.