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Lifelog is the official tool from Sony that helps you monitor your training and physical activity in a very visual way, which will help you manage the information in the easiest way possible. With this application, you can control the registries of your intelligent Sony devices as well as other applications you have installed on your telephone. This application, in general terms, is the central control for your physical activity. It doesn't matter what you're measuring, since Lifelog is capable of managing the steps you take on a daily basis; the calories you burn; the hours you spend walking, running, sleeping, on a bicycle, on public transportation, talking with other people, listening to music, or playing video games. Any other activity that you do during the day can be saved so that you know how much time you dedicate to certain things and how you can be more productive. You can connect all the applications you want to Lifelog and assign them each a category. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can create your own category in order to monitor some specific activity. All of the registries will be saved individually so that later you can look at them in terms of hours, days, weeks, or years. This will help you know which points you ought to improve in order to gain resistance to them, or which ones you should dedicate more time to in order to burn more calories, for example, or lose more weight.

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