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Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach is a very good app for people who want to tighten up their abs and get a flat belly but don't want to spend money or motivation on going to the gym. With Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach you can create your own gym at home and develop an exercise routine tailored to you. The way Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach works is simple and very intuitive: open up the app and note whether you're a man or woman. Then you can select the intensity level of your exercises based on how fit you currently are: it's a good idea to start bit by bit and increase the intensity as your resistance increases. With these preliminary settings taken care of, you can start with your exercise plan: there is a daily plan that gets completed as you carry it out. These exercises are quire varied and come accompanied by a video so you do them correctly, as well as a timer so you know how much time is left in your session. You can add daily alarms that remind you when it's time to exercise. You'll also get two daily tips to improve your performance. Lose Belly Fat - Flat Stomach is an app to exercise your abdomen in the most complete way. It's quite pretty at the aesthetic level, too.

Requires Android 4.2 and later versions.