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Most of us sometimes suffer from tense and sore muscles, whether it's from a intense workout or typing at work all day. Learn to stretch tense or sore muscles in a healthy way with the comprehensive app Stretching Exercises. This app has a calendar you can use to create a custom stretching program, as well as stretches to help you wake up in the morning to relax before bed at night. There's also stretches for specific problems or situations, such as stretches for a sore neck or before a run, among others. To get started, just tap on a workout and the app will walk you through an effective, enjoyable stretching routine. During the workout routine, Stretching Exercises shows an animation of each stretch, but if you're unsure of exactly how to preform it you can access a video with an instructor clearly demonstrating the pose. Relieve muscle pain, improve flexibility and avoid injury with the daily stretching routines on Stretching Exercises. Not only that, you can choose a day and time to receive workout reminders so you'll never forget to stretch. Alleviate stiff and sore muscles and improve your general health in just a few minutes a day with the app Stretching Exercises.