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Carriage - Food Delivery is a very convenient tool to order food for delivery in any Middle Eastern country. Simply tap on the country you're located in as well as the city you're connecting from, make your order and enjoy your meal in a matter of minutes. Once you establish your location you will be able to see the list of restaurants that deliver in your area. Choose the one you like the most or set up a filter to find the kind of food you like the most. Once inside each restaurant site you'll find all the dishes that the restaurant serves. Slide your finger to check out everything included on each menu and choose the one you like the most. One of the advantages in Carriage - Food Delivery is that you get to see the price of each product and the total of the order. Plus you can also easily check the ingredients in each dish. Another thing to keep in mind about this app is that, in some cities, you can also shop for other items. Order flowers, purchase electronics, toys, perfumes and much more. Simply search through each category and make the purchases you need with a single click. On the other hand, if you change your location frequently or on time, you simply have to modify the location on the map or insert the street manually. You can also change countries with a single tap and keep ordering food in a matter of seconds.