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Nutrition and Health free is a useful and comprehensive app where you can see practically any type of information about thousands of foods you eat daily. With this app, you can find out exactly what you're eating, making it easy to design a healthy diet full of vitamins that your body needs. From the menu in Nutrition Health free, you can see the nutritional values of food for babies, grains, oils, fruits, vegetables, legumes, meat, fish, food you may find in a restaurant, soups, deserts. Anything you can imagine is easily found in this tool. Once you access each category, you have to narrow down your search and select exactly what you're going to eat or what you want to look at. In the lower table, you can find tons of details and specific information about each food, including the amount of water, calories, proteins, fats, cholesterol, vitamins, and much more. Know exactly what you're eating at all times thanks to Nutrition and Health free and create a completely balanced diet free of unhealthy or toxic foods.