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If you love salads and you're always looking for new recipes and tricks, Salad Recipes FREE is the perfect app for you. Here, you have access to hundreds of delicious and healthy options that include culinary ingredients from all over the world. With this tool, you have a comprehensive list of options at hand, without needing to carry a huge recipe book with you everywhere you go. You can surprise friends and family with Indian salads, soups, vegetarian food, fruit dishes, and anything else you can imagine. It's simplicity lies in the structure of the interface, where you can easily find recipes by region or ingredient, or just browse the wide range of options and discover something new. Each recipe includes a step-by-step guide that even a child could follow. With Salad Recipes FREE you won't find any difficulties in preparing any recipe. You just have to follow the directions and add the right ingredients. Of course, you can always modify any recipe to your personal tastes and dietary needs. Another advantage of this app is that it gives you results depending on the season and what fruits and vegetables are available. This helps you choose the best fresh ingredients for your dish. Improve your salads and surprise friends and family with exotic healthy recipes, with Salad Recipes FREE.