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Yummly is a cooking app boasting over a million different recipes, thanks to which you can create a completely personalized cooking experience. Want to eat healthy? Okay! Need something gluten-free? Of course! Have a craving for something fried? That works too. You can find anything you want on Yummly. Finding recipes on Yummly is very easy. On the app's main tab, you can find an overwhelming assortment of recipes organized by popularity. You can add any of these recipes to your 'yumms' with a single tap on the screen. And using the search feature you can find any kind of recipe you want. You'll see tons of photos for each of the recipes, plus the ingredients needed to cook it and even the nutrition information for the dish. You can also check reviews from other users and, of course, add your own review to the recipe. Yummly is an excellent cooking app with a flawless presentation and an enormous quantity of recipes to choose from.

Discover how to cook new dishes based on a photo with Pic2Recipe Anybody who's ever seen a photo that made their mouth water can appreciate a tool to fetch a recipe based solely on a picture. Addicts of the Food Porn subreddit probably have this thought every time a recipe-less post gets published on the thread. Luckily there are people out there who are trying to make the world a better place: developers at MIT have put together the Pic2Recipe project, a website and potential mobile app that can pull up recipes using just a picture as the search term. Read more