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Contestone is an app that allows you to set up hundreds of different ringtones for each of your contacts -- for free. All you have to do is set it up with your Telcel number -- a telecom provider in Latin America. Using Contestone is as simple as can be. Just take a look at the latest songs in the app, tap on any of them and set one up as a ringtone on your smartphone -- quick and easy. In less than a couple of minutes, you can pick out a customized ringtone for all of your favorite contacts. Even though the main tab in Contestone shows all the latest songs, you can also easily opt to filter songs by genre or use the search bar to find any song you want. That way you'll be able to find any ringtone you're looking for simply by typing it in, or you can switch up any ringtones for more popular songs from whichever musical genre you like most. Contestone is a unique app that provides a neat feature to any smartphone, as long as you have a Telcel account set up. Now you can enjoy tons of different songs and thousands of today's top artists right from your smartphone.