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Paint by Numbers is an app for coloring designed for all ages, young and old. With this app, you can spend hours coloring in drawings, having fun and relaxing at the same time. Gameplay is very simple. You can apply all kinds of colors to the drawings but only where indicated by the numbers. Each color has a number, and your job is to find where that number appears in the drawing and color it in. The bigger the drawing, the harder it is to find the numbers, so the areas will turn a light gray to help you find them. If you can't find a number, look for the dark point. All the drawings in Paint by Numbers are designed to be as colorful as possible, so you're sure to have fun coloring them in. The app also has tons to choose from, each with its own difficulty, so you can decide what's best based on your abilities. On the other hand, you can restart a drawing from scratch, switch to a new drawing, or finish coloring a drawing whenever you want. Have fun relaxing with all kinds of colorful images thanks to this app.