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Talking Ginger is an app that is very similar to Talking Tom Cat. It allows you to interact with a red-haired cat called Ginger, with whom you can do tons of different fun activities. The biggest difference between Talking Ginger and Talking Tom Cat is that Ginger is a little cat, so you will have to help him do different activities that are designed to teach kids different things. For example, one of the features that the app includes is that kids can brush their teeth along with Ginger, watching how he does it and using a timer that shows you how long you should spend brushing your teeth. In addition to all of these educational elements, Talking Ginger includes all of the fun that you expect from this type of app. You can make videos, pet and tickle the cat, and there are even a number of mini-games available. Talking Ginger is a very fun game that is mainly geared towards kids. Despite this, adults will also enjoy watching how Ginger plays around when you touch him, pet him, bathe him, etc.

Requires Android 2.2 or higher.