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Lotería El Negrito is an app from the Alicante-based company Loteriaelnegrito.com LLC, that manages their clients’ bets to offer them a series of advantages that they wouldn’t get otherwise. Lotería El Negrito doesn’t charge a commission and it’s open all day every day. The app also immediately sends you your results by email, with reward cash out guarantee, 100% safe and with greater winning chances because of its development of statistic tools for random and group plays. How does Lotería El Negrito work, you may ask? Just pick the game that you like the most, from Euromillones to Bonoloto. Then, choose your lucky numbers, add your info and confirm your purchase using your favorite payment method. You can also check out the games that’ll be played next as well as the ones that have already been played. Find out the results of all the games, keep your balance under control at all times and check out the games from the comfort of your smartphone. Following the lottery games has never been so easy thanks to Lotería El Negrito.