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If you play the lottery a lot and fantasize about winning the big prize but have never even come close, Magayo Lotto is here to help. This software helps you plan and buy your next lotto ticket using the probabilities of each number being drawn according to the game being played. From the simple interface in Magayo Lotto, just pick the country where you play and search through the list of lottery drawings in your area. Once you select the game you're going to play, you can see a list with the latest results. Each and every one of the days for the past few months are organized so you can compare results at a glance and make your own predictions. With a solid database of the latest number patterns, you can slightly increase your possibilities of choosing a right number, or why not, maybe even all of them. The results list has a section with the numbers with the greatest probabilities of being chosen, which numbers have appeared the most in history, and some other statistics for you to analyze when picking the numbers you want to play. On the other hand, you can randomly generate tickets to bet on in any lottery in any country that allows people to play online, with numbers chosen based on all the previous results. With more than 200 lotteries to play, Magayo Lotto can offer you hours of study and stats to help you become a millionaire by giving you a slight advantage over other players.