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Spades HD is an Android app thanks to which you can play spades on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. This means you can enjoy one of the most popular card games while you await the bus, on the sofa after a long day at work, or any other time you fancy. Spades HD respects the rules of the original spades. In each round you play with three more players. In each you have a deck of cards and have to put them down one at a time on each turn. The person who put down the card with the highest value from the dominant suit wins the round and gets a point over the others. The app has several versions of the game so if you get bored of playing with the standard rules can play spades with a twist. Besides the original version, you can play with bets, blind, or in pairs. In all the modes you've got to use your prediction power to help you with the strategy you opt to follow. Put down your best cards first? Or save them for the end? Spades HD is, in short, an app you'll enjoy if you like card games, especially if you're a fan of spades, as it lets you play it anytime, anywhere.