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Year in Pixels is a digital 'BuJo' (aka Bullet Journal) app that provides you with an easy way to keep track of your daily ups and downs over the course of a year. Its interface is multicolor, minimalist and simple. All you have to do is add in how you feel at the end of each day by picking one of five emojis and an emotion from a preset list. By default, you can choose from; happiness, joy, love, excitement, tiredness, sadness, fear, nerves, anger, stress, emptiness, anxiety, remorse, optimism and chill. If even after browsing through the whole list of emotions that Year in Pixels provides you still can't find how you're feeling, you can also opt to type in a customized feeling by pushing the 'custom emotions' button. From there tap on your personalized feeling, type in a name for it and that's it. It'll automatically appear on your calendar as a pixelated square within the sea of color that is your whole year in emotions. After a while, you'll get a brightly colored, visually impacting overview of every single day that you've tracked as well as how you've been feeling overall, including the ups and downs we all have. These kinds of tools help you get an idea of where your life is going in terms of how you're feeling. It'll also maybe help you find a way to decipher your emotions and make better decisions. You can add in short notes to each day along with the emoji, so you'll have a micro-diary of sorts where you can type in your habits or just your thoughts. Year in Pixels has a data protection system so anything you put into your bullet journal is private. This includes both the notes and your emotional diary which will all be kept secret.

Android 4.1 or higher required