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Calm is an app with all the tools necessary to help you relax, live peacefully, sleep better, or learn to meditate. In short, it's an app that aims to help you be calmer, if all goes well, happier. The most basic features let you set up several relaxing background videos, each with its own corresponding sounds. By default, there are relaxing and gorgeous scenes like rain on trees, a deserted beach, and a tranquil lake in the mountains. Just put on your headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy. Calm also includes programs to help you learn how to meditate and sleep better. These programs consist of several 10-minute sessions that you can access over the course of several days, in which a guide will tell you what to do. This app can be truly beneficial to your health. Learning to meditate, finding ways to reduce stress, and improving your ability to concentrate are useful skills for just about anyone.

Five apps to help you relax and reduce stress The third Monday in January is one of the most dreary dates that's weighed heavy on our calendars for a few years now. It's the most depressing day of the year for a few reasons that fall on or around this specific day: the return from vacation, bad weather, debts incurred from overzealous Christmas shopping, and the typical guilt experienced after failed new year's resolutions. All these factors and more make up the formula discovered in 2005 by Cliff Arnall, psychologist at Cardiff University. Whether this day affects you or not, it's never a bad a idea to take a proactive stance against the "winter blues" and there's no better way than to use these five free Android apps to combat Blue Monday. Read more

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The best Android apps to take a breather and relax Finding a minute to relax isn't always easy with the frenetic pace of daily life. Not everyone has time to physically go to a yoga or meditation class – which is why Android is an ideal host for apps designed to help clear the chakras. With meditation and the search for inner peace in mind, we've put together this list of the best free relaxation apps you can find on Android. Read more

Requires Android 4.0 or higher