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Everyone who has dieted before knows that it is easy to be tempted and give in to those cravings, especially as they become more and more frequent. With My Diet Coach, however, you can learn to avoid all the obstacles that stand between you and weight loss. With My Diet Coach, you can stay motivated and never lose self-control. This app will help you achieve the weight you want by helping you understand the emotional power of food and rewarding you when you do things right. The app will encourage you to continue to exercise, helping you lose weight and keep up with your exercise plan instead of losing willpower. My Diet Coach will also help you break the unhealthy eating habits that you have had for years, the kind that hurt your body. The app is divided into five functions that together will help you reach your goals. First, it will send you reminders of how much weight you want to lose and how you can lose it. Secondly, if you are ever tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, you can ask the app for support, and it will help you overcome these cravings with inspirational photos. Third, there are incentives in the app like photos and motivational quotes with reminders of your goals. You can also add your own challenges to the app, and see how much progress you have made. Finally - and best of all - the app has a rewards system. With it, you can earn points and virtual rewards for your good habits and the weight you lose. If you're always falling into temptation and think you'll never lose that weight, My Diet Coach is the perfect tool for you.

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