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Period Calendar is an application that girls can use to keep detailed records of everything related with their menstrual cycle, like symptoms, moods, sexual relations, weight, temperature, notes, and pills. The application is designed to be a personal, private diary for each girl. Not only can you keep track of your information in the app, but you can also make backup copies and upload them to Dropbox. The application is capable of registering more than forty symptoms and sixty different moods, helping you to get to know yourself better. You may think, 'I'm feeling sad' - well, make a note of it in Period Calendar! Another interesting option is the ability to activate notifications that will alert you about when you'll get your period, or be ovulating. (They're not the same thing!) Of course, another important aspect included is password protection. Thanks to the extra security, you can keep your intimate details, well, intimate. Your diary is a safe place, a refuge, and a confidant. Period Calendar is an indispensable application for any girl worried about her cycle or interested in using her smartphone to help her get to know herself a little better.