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If you're pregnant or want to find out everything that happens in a pregnancy, Pregnency SafeDelivery is a highly useful and comprehensive app to discover the details of all stages of a pregnancy and everything that happens with the baby and mother. Experience those nine months with all the info you need right on hand. Getting ready for a pregnancy is in no way easy and sometimes you'll have questions you need an instant answer to but don't have anyone to ask. Pregnency SafeDelivery contains an enormous amount of content related to each week of your pregnancy, nutrition, exercises, and the steps you should be following throughout those nine months. In the growth section you can see what size the fetus is in your current week and how it is developing. From this tab you can also access the images that give an indication of the size and look of your baby at each stage. There is also a list of exercises you can do to get in shape without hurting your baby. From the diet section in Pregnency SafeDelivery you can not only see what and what not to eat but also discover healthy foods for you and the baby and basic guidance to keep in mind throughout your pregnancy. Enjoy this process or support your loved one throughout her pregnancy with the tips in this tool.