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Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds is an relaxing app to create all sorts of soothing, calming environments by simply combining its more than thirty different mellow sounds. Choose from nature sounds, water sounds, urban sounds and sounds designed specifically for using relaxation techniques. To create an atmosphere with Sleepo: relaxing sounds Just click on the corresponding icons and adjust their volume. The icon for each sound is also very intuitive, so you'll have no trouble identifying each of them. Once you've added a few sounds, you can also create and save your mixes, which are easily played with just a quick tap to your screen. Another interesting feature in Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds is that it lets you set a timer. Choose from a wide variety of times, ranging from one minute to eight hours, or even just fifteen minutes, or half an hour or two hours if you need more time to chill out and unwind. When the timer is goes off your relaxing sounds will stop playing. Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds is one of the best apps of its kind on Android. Not only does it have a great variety of high quality sounds, but it also has a simple, nice and elegant interface.

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Android 4.0 or higher required.