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Little Panda's Snack Factory is another of those fun games from the BabyBus developer where, as usual, you play an adorable enterprising panda who's decided to open a snack factory to sell them to his friends. In Little Panda's Snack Factory you delve into the entire manufacturing process of these special snacks: first you've got to pick what kind of snack you want to prepare. You can choose from jellies, surprise-filled chocolate eggs, cookies, seaweed snacks, sausages, etc. Then you've got to create the products from scratch: from preparing the base to packaging and selling the product, along with selecting fruits to juice, bottles, lids, labels, and flavor mixes. As usual for games from Baby Panda, part of the appeal is having to do each of the processes needed to create the final product. Starting out you'll have a limited variety of ingredients, but then you can expand it by investing the money you earn by selling the snacks. After passing them through various pipes and processes, you can start packing your products, and can choose from several different kinds of bottles, caps, and stickers to make the packaging even prettier. When you've got the product shipment ready, you'll head to the stand where you can sell the packaged snacks to your animal friends. Little Panda's Snack Factory is a dynamic, fun, and very entertaining game that also has gorgeous graphics.

Requires Android 4.2 and later versions.