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Little Panda Policeman is another Babybus game starring your favorite adorable baby panda at yet another job. This time, you'll have to help Baby Panda do his work as a policeman. Gameplay in Little Panda Policeman is as follows: you sit in the police station waiting for phone calls from animals who need help. When you receive a phone call, you'll have to put on the right uniform depending on the task ahead. Then it's time to do the task, depending on what's needed: if someone lost a key, you do a match-3 puzzle to find the key; if someone was robbed, you make your way through an obstacle course to catch the thief; and so on, until the day is done. As with other Babybus games, Little Panda Policeman has adorable, colorful, and dynamic graphics with characters cute enough to win anyone over. It also has absolutely amazing production value and an overwhelming variety of activities to complete in the game. Little Panda Policeman is an excellent game for having fun, helping animals when they call the cutest police station in town.

Requires Android 4.2 or higher