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Masha and the Bear, the adorable protagonists from the animated TV series are on an adventure in this game. You'll get to play with them and your little one and do activities that'll help improve your child's fine motor skills. On this adventure watch as the little ones at home participate in 16 different games where they'll get to know different professions, improve their mental agility and intelligence, among other skills. Plus, from the main menu in this app you'll get to see all the games that are unlocked and access them at any time, the more you play the more points you get and the more games are unlocked. In Masha and the Bear Activities you'll get to help out Masha and the Bear as they prepare delicious recipes, pick fruit and veggies and learn about musical instruments according to how they sound. Plus you'll get to play on a hockey rink, ice skating, painting and resolving tangrams along with a whole lot more. Go on tons of adventures with Masha and the Bear and let your little ones enjoy the ride as you open up a whole world of daily routines and activities for them to learn from as they grow.