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Pepi Super Stores is a fun game similar to Miga Town, or other games in which the players can enter a virtual store and interact with everything in it. In Pepi Super Stores, you can play in two stores in its shopping center for free (the rest of the stores require payment to be unlocked). There's a music store and a sports store, and you can simply select characters from the list at the bottom of the screen and place them wherever you want in the stores. After that, you can make them interact with anything in the store: start an impromptu concert in the music store, change the characters’ clothes, etc. Similarly, if you place people in the sports store, they can jump rope or play catch. And, since the stores are next to each other, you can move the musicians to the sports store and the athletes in the music store. The possibilities are limitless! On top of all that, there’s a wide variety of characters to choose from, each one fun and cute! Kids will have a great time playing in the virtual dollhouse in Pep Super Stores, where they can explore an entire store and interact with just about everything!

Android 4.1 or later required