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CNN Indonesia is a useful tool when it comes to providing users with direct access to the popular Indonesian CNN news portal. Thanks to its clever interface design and intuitive menus, using CNN Indonesia is surprisingly simple. Just browse through the news sections that may be of interest to you and click on the headlines you want to access. This opens up the article or related video you're looking for, providing you with full access for free. In addition to selected articles and videos, CNN Indonesia offers its users access to live broadcasts in Indonesian, as well as in English via its international news channels. Just like in any other news source site, you get to share information without abandoning the user interface in your favorite social networks or can just as easily opt to share interesting articles directly with your contacts. One of the most interesting features of CNN Indonesia is the fact that it allows you to create your own scrapbook by saving your favorite news clippings in 'folders' to keep them at hand whenever you want to re-read them, at the touch of a button.