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Slide for Reddit is an open-source reddit client that offers a stunning number of quality features as well as a completely customizable Material Design interface. The first thing that stands out in Slide for reddit is its elegant interface. Although the color palette is orange by default, you can completely customize the colors to your preference. This way, each user can have his or her own custom Material Design interface. That said, Slide for reddit offers a lot more than a pretty interface. The app lets you view any type of content directly from your post, including GIFs. You can also deep-zoom on any image and check out all the comments by just touching the screen. Slide for reddit includes support for several different user accounts, as well as the possibility to customize each subreddit independently. As frequent redditors know, each subreddit is a world unto itself, so why not customize each one on its own? Slide for reddit is an outstanding reddit client that lets you enjoy (practically) the entire content of the website from a nice and accessible interface.

Slide for reddit, the definitive unofficial client If you don’t use reddit then you simply don’t know what’s going on on the Internet. I’m serious. Although recently an official client has finally appeared and there are loads of other alternatives to browse the service, there’s still a lot of room for maneuver when it comes to using reddit on your smartphone. Slide for reddit is another client that, despite still being in beta phase, stands out as one of the best in its field for both its interface and exclusive features, and is under constant update. Read more

Requires Android 4.2 or higher