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94 percent (94%) is a game that uses a simple idea: you have to read a short sentence, such as 'the first thing I do when I wake up', and then write words that you associate with it. For example, for the sentence above you could write 'bathroom', or 'phone'. In 94% there are 45 different levels, and each one of them shows one image and two sentences. To beat each of these levels, you’ll always have to do the same: guess the right words until you achieve 94% of them. Sometimes you’ll find really easy words, but other times it will be really, really difficult. Some examples of sentences you can find in 94% are: 'The first thing I do in the mornings', 'I never have enough time to do it', 'Animals that are born from an egg', 'It breaks often'. If at some point you are stuck with a word, you can use some of the free answers available. 94 percent (94%) is a fun and original mental agility game that lets you test your common sense and vocabulary. You can even use it to practice a language if you set it up in a language that's not your own.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.