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Card Wars Kingdom is a fun card game based on the famous TV show Adventure Time. Here, you have to become the king of card duels and fight with your favorite characters. To start out, choose between Finn, Jake, Marceline the Vampire Queen, the Ice King or Princess Bubblegum, and discover the magical powers of each character. Your objective is to destroy all of your rival's creatures to become the Cool Guy. So take charge of your team as best you can and develop a good strategy if you want to destroy your rivals. Your creatures and magic cards have a series of characteristics that you have to consider when placing them on the table. Each one has its own amount of energy. Without energy, you can't move. To understand all the mechanisms and types of attacks, you should complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game, given that every character is special and each action triggers a different reaction. Create a combined strategy with all your cards to beat a rival or ask your friends for help. In Card Wars Kingdom you can create creatures in your laboratory, unlocking new cards that will help you improve your deck. The game is packed with humor from Adventure Time, letting fans enjoy Finn and Jake in every game. Fight against users from all over the world, battle it out in dungeons, and give Jake the pleasure of being better than everyone else in this fun game.

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