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If you love dominoes and you want to enjoy the game at anytime of day without having to have the physical game or find a friend to play with you, then this is your app. Dominoes is a fun game where you can participate in as many rounds as you want in three different game modes. In the main window, you can choose any of the three game options: draw dominoes, block dominoes, or dominoes all fives. To learn the details of each mode, you just have to select each option to read its rules. Once you're in the game, the rules are the same for everyone; either you or your opponent can place your pieces next to other pieces with the same number. To make it easier, Dominoes will mark the pieces that you can put down at any time, so you just have to choose the best option according to your strategy. In Dominoes, you can change the look of the pieces to enjoy the game with the colors you like best. If you're always up for playing dominoes at any time of the day or night, Dominoes lets you enjoy three really fun modes. Put your strategic thinking skills to the test as you mull over the pieces that haven't come out yet and the numbers that can still be used for combinations.