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HQ Trivia is a top trivia app that's buzzing worldwide. Players compete in a LIVE online trivia game to earn real cash prizes, deposited directly to your PayPal account. All you have to do is sign into the app at the right time of day (there are two daily contests) to play. Make sure you're active on the app at precisely the start of the game, or you'll be locked out before it even starts. Once the game gets rolling and the first question flashes onto your screen, you'll have just a few quick seconds to tap onto the right answer. The super short time limit set in place is deliberate. That way a system is set up where any precious seconds taken to google search answers means you run out of time, and lose. Also, if you miss a single question: you're out. However, if you manage to get the right answers consecutively all the way until the end of the game and stand as one of the lucky few left, you'll divvy up the jackpot earning yourself a fine $20 cash prize. HQ Trivia was already bushwhacking its way into previously uncharted territory before even landing on the Android ecosystem. It's a revolutionary new way to play trivia, with an innovative concept that's sure to win over Android users. All in all, we're looking at an addicting game that puts your general knowledge to the test. Along the way, you might score some cash, but at the very least you'll definitely log off feeling slightly more cultured.

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Android 5.1 or higher required