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Lucky Day is a virtual casino, where you can play for hours without spending a cent of real money. And the best part? Although you don’t spend real money, you can win prizes that you can trade in for real products, such as Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes gift cards. Lucky Day has loads of virtual scratch it cards, that you can ‘scratch’ using your fingertip. If you’re lucky, you can win loads of chips that you can redeem for some of the real prizes mentioned earlier. As well as scratch-its, Lucky Day you can play the lottery and enter raffles. Just like the scratch-its, your mission in the raffles and games of chance is to win loads of chips and redeem them for real gift cards! Lucky Day is an interesting app, where you can feel all the thrill and excitement of casinos and gambling without actually spending money. But even though you don’t spend real money, you can win loads of real prizes!