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Magic Tiles 3 is a rhythm game where you have to hit the musical notes that fall down the screen. The problem is that the notes drop down really fast, and a single mistake will send you right back to the beginning. The gameplay in Magic Tiles 3 is exactly the same as that of the two previous versions of the saga. A series of piano keys darts down the screen really quickly, and you need to hit the correct ones in order to keep on playing. When you play well, the song sounds good; the moment you play badly, you can't hear the song anymore. One of the novelties of this installment of the saga is the battle mode, in which you can compete online against other players. Not only does this game mode give you the chance to show off your skill, it also allows you to win loads of rubies, which you can use to unlock more songs. Magic Tiles 3 is a new installment of one of the most successful franchises on Android and offers an equally great, if not greater, game experience as its predecessors. A definite winner for fans of rhythm game.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher