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Although digital photography has clearly won out over film photography from the early 2000s on, who doesn't occasionally want to take and develop few pictures with that signature look of film photography? Apps like Instagram o Vsco have filters that can give the pictures taken on your smartphone an analog aesthetic, but HUJI, on the other hand, perfectly replicates the nostalgic look of an 80's or 90's snapshot. It's very easy to use HUJI, it's clear interface even includes the signature viewfinder of an old-school disposable camera. This app doesn't have all the camera options smartphone users may be used to, just a button to take a snapshot, a flash, and a tab to view the photos you've taken. But, just like 90's disposable camera photos, the pictures you take on HUJI can't be edited. HUJI is a great app for anyone who wants to go back to the analog age for a few minutes and take a some vintage 90's style photos on their Android device. You can even add a timestamp to a corner of your photos!

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Android 5.0 or higher required